Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

Thanks to French Girl in Seattle, here's a nice story from the Guardian about real French women and how they struggle, too. We know that life is not perfect for anybody, even if you live in France, right? A style muse is a wonderful thing, but don't try to live up to mythology.

In a recent article debunking the whole "French women are perfect" myth, daily newspaper Le Figaro wrote: "We could maintain the mystery, feed the myth; but French women are known for being frank, they don't mince their words, so it's time to re-establish a few truths. It could be called: 'The Truth about French Women written by a French woman who is far from perfect and very much representative of her kind'. "

Estelle Le Roux. Photograph: Rannjan Joawn for the Observer

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