Saturday, December 7, 2013

On Quality: Le Vestiaire de Jeanne

This is the first in a series of posts on particular lines I carry in the shop, lines I purchased because I've worn them myself and they've stood the test of time and wear. These brands are definitely under the radar and not very well known, so there might be some hesitation in taking a chance on them... but they are personal favorites and I want to make them more available!

First up is the the French line Le Vestiaire de Jeanne. This family-run company was started as a children's only line in 2005, expanded in 2009 to include women's wear under the name Le Vestiaire de Clé, but this past year consolidated back under Le Vestiaire de Jeanne for both women's and children's wear. All fabrics are sourced in France and all manufacturing is done there as well (the exception is the Pour La Liane leather goods, which are made in Senegal).

I first heard about VdC in 2009 and was immediately obsessed with the simple, timeless designs and color palette of sober neutrals (with the occasional stripe or check). I bought my first dress in early 2010, and since then have purchased quite a few more items. Most of them have become staples in my closet, especially a wool blend jacket, a charcoal linen blouse, and a pair of grey trousers. After nearly 3 years of regular wear, everything still looks fantastic. And because the wool fabrics are blends (and very high-quality blends at that), they can be washed (I use the delicate cycle on my machine for the trousers, shirts, and dresses, and hand wash the jackets) and line-dried. The buttons are sturdy (haven't lost one yet), the seams are all finished, and many of the hems (especially skirts and dresses) are generous so they can be altered. Everything is impeccably made, and the sizing is consistent.

VdJ is a cult brand in Japan and Europe, but not at all known here in the U.S. or Canada. It's not easy to purchase, but because I'm such a fan I love having it in the shop. I hope to introduce it to more potential devotees!

These are from the Uniform Line: grey wool blend trousers and black linen shirt. The buttons on the shirts and jackets are metal. All hems are nicely finished so you can turn up the trouser leg or shirt sleeve. (The colors are a bit washed out so you can see more detail.)

details of the Uniform Trousers and black Uniform Shirt

photo from Le Vestiaire de Jeanne

Uniform Jacket (dark blue wool blend with black linen lining)

The white linen pullover top. Notice the dark finishing around the collar, a nice touch seen in much more expensive shirts.

Photo from Le Vestiaire de Jeanne

I hope you'll check it out! Find our selection of Le Vestiaire de Jeanne here.


  1. Oh these are lovely. Are petites sized out though? Considering how my shoulders are only 14" wide, I fear these are too large =/

    1. You know, if you are petite all over you might even fit into the children's sizes. You'd have to order from France, but it might be worth a try.

      Once my shop is going a little longer, I'll start ordering some in the extra-small sizes!

    2. maybe so! I'm looking at the kids' 12 - I think even the 0 might be too large :) and your shop is lovely.


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